Updated Jan. 10, 2019.

What's New

On Jul 1, 2024, PaidModels ditched it's outdated 14 year old format. has now joined the current "Influencer" era by allowing you to have direct access to today's hottest influencers. Of course, the more popular the influencer, the more in demand they are, the more costly it will be to get their attention.

We are currently gathering photos from influencers on Instagram, and will eventually support other platforms. We need your help with finding the hottest influencers on Instagram and telling us their username so we can include them in our catalog. You can email us your Instagram models (one or more) at:

As you know, some models have pictures of their food, their dog, and their favorite motivational sayings in their Instagram portfolios. Because of this, we need to manually review all of the new photos from that we receive. We want just the images of the model. If you are interested in helping us categorize and rate the photos & videos, please email us at today.

If you find any problems with the new site, or have a suggestion, please email us at

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Over the coming months, PaidModels will add new features which allow visitors to interact with influencers. Instead of paying for a one time or monthly membership to PaidModels, fans will now have the ability to pay for a-la-carte services. Fans can choose which influencers to interact with, and what type of services they want. Here is a rough-draft sample of some ideas:

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