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 Can I submit a profile on someone else's behalf?
 Do I qualify for this site?
 How do I set up a second account?
 How is better than other model community sites?
 I signed up and didn't complete my profile in time, now what?
 Is it free?
 What are the rules?
 What are your Terms of Service?
 What if I didn't complete my account application within 48 hours?
 What if I don't agree with something in your Terms of Service?
 What is required to set up a profile on
 Why do I have to pay an application fee if I took too long to complete my profile?
 I was a member once before and I closed my account, can I reactivate it?
 My application was denied, can I reapply?
 Why was my account suspended?
 Why wasn't my account approved?
 Can I get a refund?
 Can I mail you cash, or a money order?
 Can I pay using Pay Pal eCheck?
 Can I upgrade without using PayPal?
 Do I need to have a PayPal account to upgrade?
 How can I pay by credit card using PayPal if I already have a Pay Pal account?
 How can I upgrade my membership level?
 How do I add or remove a credit card on Pay Pal?
 How do I cancel my recurring subscription?
 How do I change the funding source Pay Pal uses to make my monthly subscription payment?
 I am not sure if I am currently a paid member, how can I tell?
 What are the benefits of becoming a paid member?
 What happens to my extra photos when my Premium Membership expires?
 When does my premium membership expire or rebill?
 Why did my premium membership expire? It should still be valid.
 Can I list my other portfolio numbers and/or links in my profile?
 Can I put multiple cities for my location?
 How do I add images and styled text to my bio?
 How do I add links to my other profiles?
 How do I add someone to my 'Worked With' section?
 How do I change my age?
 How do I change my email address?
 How do I change my password?
 How do I close my PaidModels account?
 How do I create a clickable link inside my bio?
 How do I disable the Menu feature on my slide show?
 How do I find my Paid Models ID number?
 How do I get that '$5 Pay Pal donation - Sponsor me' link on my profile?
 How do I give others a link to my profile on
 How do I temporarily deactivate my portfolio?
 Why can't I add another photography/modeling site as my web site link?
 Can I post tear sheets?
 Can I use a mature image (not safe for kids) as my Main Image/Avatar?
 How can I edit my photo to fit your guidelines?
 How do I choose my main image or avatar?
 How do I improve the quality of the photos I just uploaded?
 How do I mark one of my images as 'Safe for Kids'?
 How do I upload more than 20 photos?
 How do I view my favorite photos?
 Is there a minimum number of photos that I need to have?
 Is there a way to allow non-members to see all of my photos?
 What do I put in the copyright field?
 What does "Locked By Admin" mean under editing photos?
 What is a snapshot?
 What kind of photos are not 'Safe for Kids'?
 What kind of photos can I upload?
 What should the DPI of my images be?
 What will happen if I mark an image "Safe for Kids" and it's not?
 What will happen if I upload photos that are not of models?
 What's the difference between a photo and an image?
 Why do I keep getting errors when uploading a photo?
 Why do you have a 'Safe for Kids' question when uploading photos?
 Why don't I see the 'Safe for Kids' option anymore when I upload photos?
 Why is there a red border around some of my photos?
 Why was one of my photos removed from my portfolio?
 How do I create a new favorite photo list?
 In what order are my favorite photos added to the list?
 Why does one of my Favorite Photos Lists have more photos than the publicly displayed list?
 How do I add a member as a friend?
 How do I delete a friend?
 How do I put my Top Friends back to the default order if I have some already chosen?
 How do I remove a friend from my friends list?
 How do I select my Top Friends to display permanently on my profile?
 I accidently hid some of my friends... how do I unhide them?
 Is there an automated way to approve friends?
 How come I am always logged in?
 I can't remember my password!
 How do I enable / disable email notifications?
 How do I delete a comment on my profile?
 What can I post in a member's 'profile comments' section?
 How do I delete a comment on one of my photos?
 What can I post in a member's 'photo comments' section?
 Can I post an announcement to the front page from my cell phone?
 How do I add a photo to the Perfect 10 section on the front page?
 How do I add my casting call to the front page?
 How do I add my pictures to the Perfect 10 section?
 How do I add my travel notice to the front page?
 Under the pictures I see PHO:M:57:TX:US - What does that mean?
 Why don't I see the image I added to the Perfect 10 section?
 Do models actually get paid on
 Do you have an RSS feed?
 What exactly is
 What is BBcode and how do I use it?
 Why are some member names pink and some blue?
 How do I send a member a message from my cell phone?
 How many messages can I send per day?
 I typed a message and when I hit submit I lost my email. Why?
 Why am I not receiving email notifications when I have mail on
 Why can't I use an auto-responder?
 How do I turn off that annoying click Internet Exporer makes when the chat room refreshes?
 I can't find the chat room...
 How can I remove something I posted in the forums?
 How do I format my posting?
 How do I receive notifications when someone posts a reply to a topic I am interested in?
 How do I start a new topic?
 What are the forum rules?
 How do I create my own customized banner with one of my photos?
 How do I link my banner to my PaidModels profile?
 How do I contact support?
 I have emailed support several times and have not received a response.
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