Photo Guidelines has strict photo guidelines... and for good reason. It is our intention to provide the best quality images with the fastest load time. It is also very important that images keep with the modeling theme of the site.

To enure your images are unaltered by during the upload process, you may wish to review the first three rows of the Membership Option table. The chart indicates the maximum number of photos you may upload as well as the maximum height, width and filesize. If your image surpasses the maximums, PaidModels will compress and or resize your image in order to achieve the proper size constraints.

Images MUST be taken by a photographer. These images are not acceptable: does not allow collages. Each image must contain only one photograph. A collage is any image with more than one photo. Here is an example:

Images must be properly rotated. This image is not acceptable if uploaded as shown: does not allow horror / violence / blood images. This image is not acceptable:

If you need to make corrections to your images and you do not have access to PhotoShop or other image editing software, you can use one of several web sites that facilitate online image processing at no cost to you:

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