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 Can I submit a profile on someone else's behalf?
No. All members must submit their own information and photos.
 Do I qualify for this site?
If you are model, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, or agent, age 18 or older, you can apply for a profile on this site. Not all applications are approved.

We will NOT approve profiles for those who WANT to be a model, GWCs (Guys With Cameras), kids, porn stars, escorts, etc.

We do have special subscription accounts for fans of the models.

 How do I set up a second account? does not allow multiple accounts. Special exceptions can be made for members who fit into more than one category, such as photographers who are models or models who are make up artists. For more information, please contact us.
 How is better than other model community sites?
Great question! Here's a partial list:

  • Simple site navigation
  • No power hungry "mods"
  • No athletes, bands, surfers, artists, bikers, etc.
  • No wanna-be's with cell phone or self pics
  • No ads or banners or misleading hyperlinks
  • No email "trash" folder that can't be emptied
  • Server is never down
  • Site emails are always delivered
  • Extremely fast page loading
  • Updated frequently
  • Wider screen size
  • Less bugs
  • Nude images are allowed
  • Avatar can be a nude/mature/18+ image
  • Email storage folders
  • Groups w/group bulletins
  • Travel notices
  • Casting calls
  • "Vote For Me" forum
  • Distance calculations on nearly every member
  • Manual or auto approval of friend requests
  • Subscribe to your favorite forum topics
  • Rewards for referring new members
  • Email notifications have direct links to comments
  • Display name is changable anytime you want
  • 6 levels of membership to choose from
  • Time zone is selectable for accurate time display

And that's just for the Standard (i.e. Free) accounts!

 I signed up and didn't complete my profile in time, now what?
First and foremost, do not sign up for another account. Doing so will get you banned from

As per our TOS there is a $10 re-application fee (payable in advance) if you would like another 48 hours to make the necessary corrections to your portfolio and re-submit your portfolio for approval. This fee goes up to $25 if you joined more than 6 months ago. Paying the fee does not guarantee approval, as you still must meet all the necessary requirements to become a member. The fee is NOT refundable.

Please send payment via Pay Pal to with a note stating this if your application fee. Please include your original PM number for faster processing.

If you are interested in the reason for the fee, please vist the FAQ called, Why do I have to pay an application fee if I took too long to complete my profile?

 Is it free?
The site is free for most members. There are also four (4) Premium Membership levels if you are interested in getting more from the site, or supporting the site's operating costs.

There is a fee for Managers, Talent Scouts, Event Planners, Model Management, Fans, Clothing Designers, Magazines, and Corporations looking to hire talent on

Fees vary based on the type of account.

 What are the rules?
The "rules" are comprised of our Terms of Service and our FAQ, which you are reading now. There are many rules which are designed to keep PaidModels organized, fast, friendly and fun. If you'd like to know everything about PM, we suggest that you read all of the FAQ's that relate to your area of interest. Our FAQ is organized into several categories that make it easier to find specific FAQ's. There is also a link in the top right corner of this page entitled "Expand all answers" that will open all FAQ answers if you want to read the entire FAQ.
 What are your Terms of Service?
A link to our Terms of Service can be found at the bottom of every page of this web site.
 What if I didn't complete my account application within 48 hours?
If you didn't complete your application within 48 hours, your application was probably closed. This is different than being "denied" as you still can complete your application in the future.

You can reopen your application at any time, for another 48 hours, by paying a reapplication fee. Simply login to your account and follow the onscreen instructions. The process is completely automated.

 What if I don't agree with something in your Terms of Service?
If you do not agree to our Terms of Service, you cannot join this site. If you are already a member, your continued usage of the site implies your acceptance of the terms.
 What is required to set up a profile on
First you need to sign up. Then you need to login and update your profile. Last, but not least, you need to upload a minimum number of photos. (The exact number will range from 1 to 4 depending on your account type.)

You must complete the sign up process within 48 hours or your application will be denied. There is a fee to re-apply.

 Why do I have to pay an application fee if I took too long to complete my profile?
We believe that 48 hours is more than enough time to collect and upload 4 images, and fill in a brief bio and some personal details. Most members request approval within 3 to 6 minutes of signing up. Those who follow the provided instructions are usually approved on their first request.

We also make every attempt to send at least one email during the 48 hours after sign up to remind you that time is running out to complete your profile. If you've requested approval and changes are needed, you will receive an email notification of the exact changes that are required of you in order to qualify as a member of

If your profile is not completed within 48 hours, we believe that we have done our part and you have not done yours. In order for us to provide further assistance, we must insist on a fee to ensure that you are legitimate in your efforts to obtain approval of your profile here at

 I was a member once before and I closed my account, can I reactivate it?
Yes. There is a $25 reactivation fee, payable in advance, before your account can be reactivated. Login first and make sure your account says "You have canceled your account. There is a $25 re-instatement fee......" If you do not see this message, DO NOT send a $25 payment. Contact us instead if you see a different message.

Log in to Pay Pal and send the $25 reactivation fee to . Be sure to include your PM# in the notes field and the words "Reactivation fee". This fee is NOT refundable.

 My application was denied, can I reapply?
No, any new application will be denied for TOS violations: applying for more than one account.

In most cases, you can pay a $35 fee to re-open your original application. Contact support first to ensure you are allowed to re-open your account.

NOTE: If you simply did not complete the application in time, the fee is only $25.

Try to login first and see what your account says. If it says, "Your account was not approved." Read on:

Log into Pay Pal and send the $35 reactivation fee to . Be sure to include your PM# in the notes field and the words "Reactivation fee". This fee is NOT refundable.

 Why was my account suspended?
Accounts are suspended when there is an issue that doesn't rise to the level of termination. It is usually something that can be easily fixed.

The most common reasons for account suspension are:

  • Invalid email addresses or full personal email box
  • Less than 4 images in your profile
  • The use of auto-responders on your personal email
  • Forum etiquette violations

In most cases, you must contact us to resolve the issue.

Email issues can be cleared up easily by logging in and following the onscreen instuctions to supply us with a new, valid email address. If you want to keep the same one, you can simply request validation and a verification code will be emailed to you that you can key in and resolve the issue.

Accounts that are not updated / fixed within 120 days of being suspended will be terminated automatically by the system.

 Why wasn't my account approved?
There are more than a dozen reasons why your account was not approved. Here is a partial list of possible reasons:

  • You already had an account
  • You did not complete all the necessary steps within 48 hours
  • You did not upload at least 4 images
  • You did not fill out your bio
  • Your bio contained HTML or BBcode
  • You uploaded images of minors (under 18 years old)
  • Your date of birth was incorrect
  • You uploaded images that were not of models
  • Your images were amateur (i.e. snap shots, web cam or cell phone)
  • Your images were inappropriate (porn, violence, etc)
  • You did not properly mark mature images (i.e. Not Safe for Kids)
  • You did not complete all body measurements
  • Your city, state or country was not properly filled out
  • Your height was incorrect
  • You had multiple photos per image (collages)
  • You had duplicate photos
  • Your email address was invalid or behind a spam authorization feature
  • Your profile was not completed
 Can I get a refund?
We will only consider offering a refund within 24 hours of an initial membership subscription or within 24 hours of any annual membership purchase. does not issue pro-rated refunds for unused time for any reason.
 Can I mail you cash, or a money order?
Yes, we will accept cash or blank money orders - but no checks. Please contact us for details on where to send your payment.
 Can I pay using Pay Pal eCheck?
Yes, however, we do not recommend it for a recurring membership option. Here's why:

PayPal does not fund your payment until the check clears your bank. Since they do not pay us until the eCheck clears, your membership will not start immediately upon payment. Also, subsequent renewals may start a few days early or even a few days late... your membership could actually expire for a few days, before it is renewed. If you prefer to use an eCheck payment, we recommend it only for 1 year memberships.

 Can I upgrade without using PayPal?
You can upgrade without having a Pay Pal account, but Pay Pal still does the processing for us. What does that mean? Basically, if your credit card or debit card is registered with Pay Pal, you will have to use your Pay Pal account. (They gotcha!) If you have a credit card that is not registered at Pay Pal, there is a little known way that you can pay without using your Pay Pal account. When you see the screen below (during your upgrade process) look for the link that the black arrow is pointing to. Click that to pay without using your Pay Pal account.

 Do I need to have a PayPal account to upgrade?
If you want to subscribe to on a monthly basis, then you will either need to have a PayPal account, or PayPal will created one for you when you make your payment. Since PayPal must automatically charge you every month, they require you to have a PayPal account.
 How can I pay by credit card using PayPal if I already have a Pay Pal account?
PayPal defaults to debiting your bank account if you do not have sufficient funds in your PayPal account to cover the PaidModels membership fee. PayPal does not allow you to change this default, presumably because bank drafts cost PayPal about 10 cents and credit card charges cost them 2% of the total charge.

One exception: Pay Pal does allow you to use a Pay Pal credit source (i.e. PayPal Plus Credit Card, eBay MasterCard, PayPal Buyer Credit) as a primary debit source.

There may be a way to become a member of, using your credit card, if you are already a member of PayPal. Visit this page and this page at PayPal's Help Center to learn how.

 How can I upgrade my membership level?
You can only upgrade if you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum member. If you are a Diamond member, then you cannot upgrade as that is the highest level of membership.

If you are currently a monthly recurring subscriber: Simply join again at the level of membership you want. Your new membership level begins immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to cancel your current recurring membership with PayPal. (otherwise you will continue to be billed for your original membership level.) Also, keep in mind that does not pro-rate monthly subscriptions for any unused time.

If you purchased a one year membership, click on UPGRADE at the top of any page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and review your pro-rated costs options. Then log in to Pay Pal and send the necessary upgrade fee to . Make sure you include your PM # in the notes section of your payment.

 How do I add or remove a credit card on Pay Pal?
 How do I cancel my recurring subscription?
Log into your Pay Pal account.

Click on VIEW ALL ACTIVITY or click on the HISTORY tab.

Find a recent payment to and click on the Details link.

Look for the line that says In reference to and has a number after it similar to this:

In reference to: S-5GV99651VJ316313T

Click on the reference number link to pull up your subscription details.

On that page, scroll to the bottom and click on the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button. On the next page, click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION again to confirm.

 How do I change the funding source Pay Pal uses to make my monthly subscription payment?
Please visit Pay Pal's FAQ for their explanation:

How can I change the funding source I use to make a recurring payment?

 I am not sure if I am currently a paid member, how can I tell?
There are several ways: You can go to your profile. If you are premium member, there will be a banner indicating you membership level directly benefit your main image on the left column.

You can also click on UPGRADE in the navigation menu at the top of any page. The highlighted column indicates your membership level.

You can also scroll to the bottom of that page and it will tell you what level your membership is and when it expires or rebills.

 What are the benefits of becoming a paid member?
You can view all of the benefits for each level of premium membership by clicking on UPGRADE at the top of any page.
 What happens to my extra photos when my Premium Membership expires?
If you are a premium member, and you have more than 20 images, we suggest that you reduce the number of images to 20 immediately upon expiration of your membership. (If you don't intend to renew within 24 hours)

You will receive only one reminder email upon membership expiration to reduce the number of photos to 20. If you do not make the reduction yourself, we will do it for you at the end of the 24 hour grace period.

 When does my premium membership expire or rebill?
To find out click on Upgrade in the navigation menu at the top of any page. Scroll to the bottom of that page and it will tell you what your current membership level is and when it expires or rebills.

NOTE: All monthly memberships rebill. All annual memberships expire after 1 year.

 Why did my premium membership expire? It should still be valid.
There are several possible reasons: (please read all of them before taking action)

  • Your 1 year membership expired and you did not renew it. You can join again here. (Annual memberships do not rebill each year)
  • Your annual membership expired and you renewed it using a Pay Pal eCheck. eChecks take 5-7 days to clear. Your renewal will begin when Pay Pal transfers the funds to our account.
  • Your monthly subscription rebill failed. This is generally because PayPal was unable to secure the necessary funds from you in order to pay us.
  • You subscribed to a monthly membership using a Pay Pal eCheck (Not recommended!). eChecks take 5-7 days to clear. Your subscription may be renewed a few days before or a few days after your monthly renewal date depending upon when PayPal secures funding for your eCheck.
 Can I list my other portfolio numbers and/or links in my profile?
In order to maintain a clean looking site we ask that you do not list your other portfolios in your bio or credits section.

PaidModels has a special section for tracking all of your other online portfolios. Fill in your account numbers (or usernames, as the case may be) under Add or Change Portfolio & IM numbers in the My Account section and will display links to your other portfolios on the left side of your PM profile page.

 Can I put multiple cities for my location?
We strongly discourage it.

Here is a more detailed look at the issues:

If you live in Fullerton, California and you are worried many people won't know where that is, you can simply put Los Angeles in the city field. Entering your zip code will allow people to map you to your post office (which is closer to your physical location than Los Angeles)

Now lets say you travel to Las Vegas twice a month. Putting "Las Vegas, Fullerton" as your city will display this on your profile:
Las Vegas, Fullerton, California

This will confuse many people into thinking that Las Vegas is a city in California. A work around would be to enter Las Vegas, NV, Fullerton as your city. Your profile would then display:
Las Vegas, NV, Fullerton, California

This is still not a great solution because this doesn't tell other members where you are now. For this reason, has a travel section. We recommend that you enter your city as your home city, and then add a travel notice with the dates and times when you will be at a different location.

This method allows your travels to appear in a special section on your profile, as well as in the travel section and on the front page of

 How do I add images and styled text to my bio?
You can use BBCode to create a styled text like so:
[b]This text would be bold[/b]
[color=red]This text would be red[/color]
[size=6]This text would be large[/size]

You can use BBCode to display an image using similar to this:

Note: Only Platinum & Diamond members can use BBCode to add images, videos, tables and other neat stuff to their Bio and Credits sections. See What is BBcode and how do I use it? for a more detailed explanation of BBCode.

 How do I add links to my other profiles?
Just go to MY ACCOUNT and click on ADD OR CHANGE PORTFOLIO & IM NUMBERS. Then fill in the profile numbers.
 How do I add someone to my 'Worked With' section?
The Worked With section is a group just like My Wish List and Favorite Members. You can access your groups by going to My Account and clicking on View Groups.

To add a member to your Worked With group, simply visit the member's profile and click on ADD TO A GROUP under their main image. You can then check the box next to Worked With and click Save Changes.

Feel free to add more groups as well. A few ideas might be "Maternity Models" or "Florida Photographers". You can create as many additional groups as you want and add any member to the new group.

 How do I change my age?
PaidModels calculates your age based on the DOB you entered when you joined. If your age is incorrect, you will need to send a ledgible photo of your drivers license or other photo id showing your DOB to
 How do I change my email address?
Click on MY ACCOUNT and then click on CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS in the menu.
 How do I change my password?
Click on MY ACCOUNT and then click on CHANGE PASSWORD in the menu.
 How do I close my PaidModels account?
Please email us with your request. It is always helpful if you include a brief message stating why you are closing your account, especially if it is because of something we did or did not do.

NOTE: You cannot open another account on in the future. If you email us in the future to reinstate your account, there will be a fee. See this FAQ for more information about reactivating accounts.

 How do I create a clickable link inside my bio?
You can use BBCode to create a link:
[url=]My Website[/url]

Note: Only platinum members can use BBCode to add images, videos, tables and other neat stuff to their Bio and Credits sections. See What is BBcode and how do I use it? for a more detailed explanation of BBCode.

 How do I disable the Menu feature on my slide show?
Disabling the Menu will cause your Slide to loop rather than pop up the "menu" over top of it at the end of one cycle of images.

To disable the Menu feature, you must make your Slide private and then disable the Comments and Ratings in your account. Once all three steps have been completed, the menu button will disappear from your Slide and you will no longer see the pop-up window appear. You will not need to make any changes to your Slide show code on The changes will take affect immediately once you follow the instuctions below.

To make your Slide private, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on "Edit & Add Photos" next to your Slide show
  3. Click on the "Privacy" tab on the right side of the page
  4. Choose "Private - Only visible to people you share with"
  5. Press the "Save" button
To disable Ratings and Comments, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the "Edit Settings" link at the top of your "My Slide" page
  3. Disable Ratings by selecting "No: Don't let people rate my stuff"
  4. Disable Comments by selecting "No: Don't let people comment on my stuff"
  5. Your changes will be automatically applied to all of your Slide Shows

The "Menu" will only be removed if ALL THREE steps are taken (Private Slide Show, Disable Comments, and Disable Ratings).

* Note about privacy: The privacy setting will also prevent other people from stealing/copying your photos using the right click menu options. If you want to test this, you must sign out of your account first. As the owner of the Slide show, you always have full access to all the images. Only other people will be blocked.

 How do I find my Paid Models ID number?

Your PM# is above your Main Photo.

 How do I get that '$5 Pay Pal donation - Sponsor me' link on my profile?
This link is only available on model portfolios. If enabled, a donate button appears near the top center of your profile.

To anable the donate button, go to My Account and then Settings & Options. In the first section, you will see two options:

  • Show the 'Donate $5 - sponsor me' link to all members
  • Show the 'Donate $5 - sponsor me' link to all visitors (non members)
Check one or both options depending on which you prefer.

Do not expect many donations. With so many models asking for them, and so few members giving them, receiving donations is rare.

 How do I give others a link to my profile on
Your link is provided right under your photo in the MY ACCOUNT section.
 How do I temporarily deactivate my portfolio? does not support "inactive" accounts. Your only options are to post a message in your bio about your temporary unavailablity or permanently close your account.
 Why can't I add another photography/modeling site as my web site link?
The Website Name and Website URL fields found in Edit Profile Details are for your own personal web site.

PaidModels has a special section for listing all of the other photography and modeling sites you are listed on. If you want to display links to your other online portfolios, fill in your account numbers (or usernames, as the case may be) under Add or Change Portfolio & IM numbers in the My Account section.

 Can I post tear sheets?
Yes - with the following restrictions:
  • If you are a photographer: The tear sheet must be of a model and the photo must be yours
  • If you are a model: You must appear in the tear sheet
  • If you are a MUA or stylist: the model on the tear sheet must contain makeup, wardrobe, or styling that you co-ordinated or applied
  • If you are an agency: The tear sheet must contain images of models that you represent, or the front cover of your publication

Note: A tear sheet is just what the name implies: a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication. A print screen from a web page is NOT a tear sheet.
 Can I use a mature image (not safe for kids) as my Main Image/Avatar?
Yes. Make sure it is marked as NOT safe for kids though!
 How can I edit my photo to fit your guidelines?
You can use any number of the free online image editing programs:
 How do I choose my main image or avatar?
Click on MY ACCOUNT and then MANAGE MY PHOTOS. The current Main Image will be clearly labeled as such directly under the image. Each image will have a "Make Main" link below the image.
 How do I improve the quality of the photos I just uploaded?
PaidModels automatically resizes and compresses images to save storage space and decrease page loading times. As a result of this process, image quality may suffer. To improve the quality of your images you can upgrade your level of membership. Upon upgrading you membership level, any images uploaded within the last 90 days will be enhanced using the original uploaded image.

A complete chart of image quantity and quality specs for each level of membership is available by viewing the first 3 lines of the table on the Membership Options page.

 How do I mark one of my images as 'Safe for Kids'?
Click on MY ACCOUNT and then MANAGE MY PHOTOS. Click on the image you want to change. On the next screen you will see Safe for Kids?. Just select NO and then click SAVE CHANGES.
 How do I upload more than 20 photos?
You must be a PaidModels Premium Member (PMPM) to upload more than 20 photos. Click here to view the differences between the 5 membership levels.
 How do I view my favorite photos?
Click on MY ACCOUNT and then click on FAVORITE PHOTOS.
 Is there a minimum number of photos that I need to have?
Yes. You must have at least 4 active photos on your portfolio at all times. If your account is discovered with less than 4 photos it will be suspended or terminated.
 Is there a way to allow non-members to see all of my photos?
Yes, this link will allow any non member to see all of photos for PM#204:

Just replace the 204 with your PM number to use the link for your portfolio.

NOTE: You must be a Platinum member or higher to allow public viewing of larger sized images.

 What do I put in the copyright field?
This field is where you enter the name of the person or entity that owns the copyright to the photo. Most of the time this is the photographer.

If you are a model, agency, stylist, or make up artist, and you do not have a written contract that explicitly transfers full or partial copyright to you, then you are not the copyright holder. The photographer or studio that took the image must be listed as the copyright holder.

If you are a photographer and you took the photo, and you did not get paid to take the photo, then you are the copyright holder.

 What does "Locked By Admin" mean under editing photos?
Locked By Admin may appear in the Safe for Kids section if an image was improperly labeled as "safe for kids". If you see this, the Image will be marked as not safe for kids and you will not be able to change the status. If you delete the image and re-upload it to get around the locked status, your account will be suspended or terminated.
 What is a snapshot?
A "snapshot" is a term used to describe a photo that is taken by pointing a camera and pressing the shutter release. Generally speaking, no thought or preparation goes into producing a snapshot, and snapshots are generally not taken by photographers. is not interested in displaying snapshots, and therefore removes them from member profiles when they are discovered or reported.

 What kind of photos are not 'Safe for Kids'?
Obviously this is a subjective question, but we've come up with a specific guideline to help you.

Keep in mind that only members who are NOT logged in, or are browsing in safe mode, will be unable to view images marked unsafe for kids. Images that are marked "unsafe" can still be used as avatars.

To be considered safe for kids, an image must show a model wearing apparel (clothing, swim wear, lingerie etc.) that opaquely covers the buttocks and genitals, and for female models, the nipples and areola as well. Images where these areas are not clothed, even if obscured by an object or hand, are not considered safe for kids. Images with sheer clothing are not safe for kids. Implied nude images are not safe for kids. Thongs, G-strings, Y-backs, Daisy Duke's, Boy shorts etc. do not completely cover the buttocks and are not safe for kids. Images that show cleavage are safe, however images that show any part of the underside of the female breast must be marked as unsafe for kids.

Post Processing Note: If any image needs to be edited to make it "safe for kids" (ie. airbrushing out nipples or areola) the image must still be marked "Not safe for kids".

 What kind of photos can I upload? only accepts JPG images.

If you are a photographer: Images of human models that you took in a professional manner
If you are a model: Images of yourself, taken by a photographer (not by yourself or a friend)
If you are a MUA or stylist: Images of models that demonstrate your work, taken by a photographer (not yourself or a friend)
If you are an agency: Professional images of models that you represent taken by a professional photographer

A few notes:

  • See the FAQ regarding Tear Sheets for more information on that subject
  • Images must be of models that were at least 18 years of age at the time the photo was taken
  • Images must be about the model - not about the scenery, props, jewelry, etc.
  • Images containing graphic or suggestive depictions of scenes or actions involving sexual activities or violence are not permitted on at any time.
  • Photographers / Agents & MUA may upload only one image of themselves
  • Licensed agencies can have one "official logo" image (without a url on the image)
  • Images cannot contain a collage of several photos
  • Images cannot contain text, other than the photographer copyright

You can also view samples photos that are not suitable for

 What should the DPI of my images be?
DPI, or dots per inch, is only relevant when printing images. Since all images uploaded to are for display purposes only, you can upload images that are 7 dpi, 70 dpi or 700 dpi - it makes no difference.
 What will happen if I mark an image "Safe for Kids" and it's not?
If it's just one image, we will likely mark the photo as unsafe for you.

If we discover multiple inappropriate photos labeled Safe For Kids, we will likely do one of the following:

  • Delete the photos
  • Suspend your account without notice
  • Mark ALL of your photos as Not Safe For Kids
 What will happen if I upload photos that are not of models?
We may delete the photo, or we may suspend your account without notice. If you do it repeatedly, your account will be terminated.
 What's the difference between a photo and an image?
A photo is one "picture". An image is the complete view of the actual JPG file that is uploaded. Most of the time they are the same, however, a picture could have a frame added, a logo pasted on it, or a completely different background airbrushed in. These changes constitute the "image" that we see.
 Why do I keep getting errors when uploading a photo?
One of four reasons:
  • The file size is greater than 2MB
  • The file isn't a JPG image?
  • The extension doesn't end in .jpg
  • The extension might have a space after the .jpg extension.
Most people can figure out the first three, but the fourth one trips up quite a few people. If you still have trouble after reading this, please contact us with an explanation and we will give you our email address so that you can send a sample image to us.
 Why do you have a 'Safe for Kids' question when uploading photos?
There are a few reasons. The front page of can be seen by anyone - including minors. As you can see, we display thumbnails on the front page of the site. If an image is marked "Safe for Kids", we do not display that image on the front page. Several other areas of the site, including the main page of member profiles, are accessible to non members as well. Another reason is for the "Safe Mode" feature. When members choose to browse at work in safe mode, images that are not "Safe for Kids" will not be displayed.
 Why don't I see the 'Safe for Kids' option anymore when I upload photos?
You have probably uploaded more than one photo as "Safe for Kids" when they were not, in accordance with the guidelines set forth here.

To save me work, your account is flagged to automatically upload all photos in "Safe for Kids" mode. You can request that we lift this restriction by reading this FAQ and then emailing us to let us know that you have read the guidelines on what types of photos are safe for kids, that you understand the guidelines, and that you will abide by them in the future.

 Why is there a red border around some of my photos?
The red border around an image in the MANAGE MY PHOTOS section indicates that the photo is marked "not safe for kids".
 Why was one of my photos removed from my portfolio?
There are a number of reasons why a photo may have been deleted. The most obvious reasons include:
  • The image was not taken by a photographer (i.e. web cam / cellphone / snapshot)
  • The image was a collage (more than one picture on an image)
  • The image was not of a model
  • The image was of a minor
  • The image had unnecessary text on it
  • The image contained violent or offensive content
  • The image was pornographic (soft / hard / bondage / bdsm / implied)
 How do I create a new favorite photo list?
There are two ways:

First, you can go to My Account and under the MY FAVORITE PHOTOS section, select "Add / Edit / View Photo Lists". Type in a name for your new list and click CREATE LIST. Now, under every photo you view, you will be able to add the photo to this list.

The other way is probably a little easier. While you are viewing a photo, you can simply look in your drop-down-box of lists (found under the photo) and choose the bottom option: Add this photo to a new list. Then click Add to list. On the next page, enter a name for your new list and click CREATE LIST.

 In what order are my favorite photos added to the list?
The favorite photo lists are randomized daily. If you add a photo, it is added to the list in a random position. It will remain in that position until the next day, when the list is re-randomized.
 Why does one of my Favorite Photos Lists have more photos than the publicly displayed list?
You are allowed to keep photos in your Favorite Photo section even if the member who uploaded that photo has been terminated or closed their account. For that reason, it is not only possible, but highly likely that you will have photos in your Favorite Photo section that will not be displayed in public lists.
 How do I add a member as a friend?
View their profile and click on "Add To Friends" under their photo on the left side of the screen.
 How do I delete a friend?
If you have previously approved a member as a friend, they cannot be deleted. See How do I remove a friend from my friends list? for additional info.
 How do I put my Top Friends back to the default order if I have some already chosen?
Just keep clicking on REMOVE on the first member in the Top Friends section. Once you have removed all of your top friends, the Top Friends will revert to the default order again - which is the order in which your friends were added, most recent first.
 How do I remove a friend from my friends list?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and click on MANAGE MY FRIENDS. In the Active Friends section, find the friend you are looking for and check the HIDE box below their avatar. Then click on the "Save Changes to Active Friends" button. They will now be listed in the Hidden Friends section and they will not be displayed in the Friends section of your profile.
 How do I select my Top Friends to display permanently on my profile?
By default, the newest 10 friends will display in your profile.

If you want to choose 10 that will stay there, even when new friends are added, simply go to MY ACCOUNT and click on Choose Top Friends. You can then select your "top friends" by clicking on the boxes below their names. Some premium members have the option of having 5,10,15,20, or 25 top friends.

 I accidently hid some of my friends... how do I unhide them?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and click on MANAGE FRIENDS. Click on the Switch to Hidden Friends link on the bottom left of the All Active Friends screen to switch to the Hidden Friends page. Simply check the unhide box on all the friends you want to unhide and click on the "Save Changes to Hidden Friends" button.
 Is there an automated way to approve friends?
Yes. Go to MY ACCOUNT and then click on SETTINGS & OPTIONS. Check the box next to "Automatically approve all friend requests" and click on Save All Changes at the bottom of the page.
 How come I am always logged in?
If you have cookies enabled on your computer, you have the luxury of always being logged in. It makes coming back to the site very easy. If you use the site at work, at someone else's house, or share a computer with someone, we highly recommend that you click on LOG OUT every time you leave the computer. Failure to do so will allow the next person to use that computer full access to your account.
 I can't remember my password!
On the front page you should see a small link called Lost password? Click on that link, enter your email address, and wait 1-2 minutes for an email with your password.
 How do I enable / disable email notifications?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and then Settings & Options.

Simply check or uncheck the boxes that correspond to the notifications you wish to enable or disable. Don't forget to click on SAVE ALL CHANGES when you are finished.

NOTE: Certains sections may be grayed out if your membership level is not high enough. You may need to upgrade your membership in order to receive certain notifications.

 How do I delete a comment on my profile?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and then View My Profile.

Scroll down to the Member Comments section. Each comment will have a link that says Delete This Comment below the poster's information. Simply click on that link to delete the comment.

 What can I post in a member's 'profile comments' section?
Profile comments are suppose to be just that... comments about the member's profile. The following list contains items that you cannot post in the profile comments section:
  • HTML tags
  • phone numbers
  • personal information
  • web site URL's / links
  • casting calls
  • travel notices
  • workshops, events, meet & greets, etc.
  • vote for me requests
NOTE: If you wish to post any of the above items, please send the member a private message instead.
 How do I delete a comment on one of my photos?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and then Manage My Photos.

Click on the photo that has the comments you want to delete. On the next page, you will see the image with a list of comments below the image. Each comment will have a link that says Delete This Comment below the poster's information. Simply click on that link to delete the comment.

 What can I post in a member's 'photo comments' section?
Photo comments are suppose to be just that... comments about the member's photos. The following list contains items that you cannot post in the photo comments section:
  • HTML tags
  • phone numbers
  • personal information
  • web site URL's / links
  • casting calls
  • travel notices
  • workshops, events, meet & greets, etc.
  • vote for me requests
NOTE: If you wish to post any of the above items, please send the member a private message instead.
 Can I post an announcement to the front page from my cell phone?
Yes! First, make sure your cell number is registered and verified here.

Then, simply text a message to

It's that simple!

 How do I add a photo to the Perfect 10 section on the front page?
Navigate to the photo gallery of any member.

Click on any photo that you like.

Click on the "Front Page" link below the photo.

The "Front Page" link will change to say "THANKS".

NOTE: You can't add your own images. Please only select one image per member.

 How do I add my casting call to the front page?
Only 4 casting calls are displayed on the front page. The jobs that are displayed are the ones that are closest to today's date. There are so many casting calls at any given time, that it is unlikely that your casting call will display on the front page until only a day or two before it begins.

NOTE: If you chose "Auto-expire casting call on Start Date" when you created your casting call, it may never show up on the front page.

 How do I add my pictures to the Perfect 10 section?
You can't add your own images. Only other members who view your images can click on the "Add to Front Page" link if they like your photo.
 How do I add my travel notice to the front page?
Only 4 travel notices are displayed on the front page. The notices that are displayed are the ones that are closest to today's date. There are so many members traveling at any given time, that it is unlikely that your travel notice will display on the front page until only a day or two before your travel begins... occasionally not until the day your travel starts.
 Under the pictures I see PHO:M:57:TX:US - What does that mean?
If you hold your mouse over each section of the text you will see the expanded explanation. Here is a more detailed explanation:

The first 3 letters are a description of the type of account the member has. These are the current abreviations:

  • PHO = Photographer
  • MDL = Model
  • AGN = Agency
  • NLA = Non-Licensed Agency
  • WAR = Wardrobe Stylist
  • MUA = Make Up Artist
  • HAI = Hair Stylist
  • MUH = Make Up and Hair Stylist
  • TSC = Talent Scount
  • EVT = Event Planner / Staffer
  • MAG = Magazine
  • DES = Clothing Designer
  • MGR = Model Mangement
  • CMP = Company seeking to hire talent
  • MED = Media

The next letter is simply M for Male or F for female

The next 2 digits are the age of the member.

The next 2 letters are the two letter postal abbreviation for the state or province of the member's home or current location if they are in the US. If the last two letters are not US, then this may read -- if the member's country does not have states, or it may be the first two letters of their state/ province or region.

The last 2 letters are the two letter ISO abbreviation for the country of the member's home or current location.

 Why don't I see the image I added to the Perfect 10 section?
There are many factors that determine which images submitted for Perfect 10 actually appear in that section. Two of the most common reasons your image may not appear are listed here:
  • You may have tried to submit one of your own images (either on your profile or someone else's)
  • You may have already submitted other images for the member. We only allow one image per member, per voter, at any given time to be displayed.
 Do models actually get paid on
Yes, some do. So do some photographers, and so do some make up artists and stylists. Generally speaking, the more experienced you are, and the better the quality of your portfolio, the higher the likelihood of you finding paid work on or on any other web site.

It's also worth noting that most of the models that get paid, actively seek out paying jobs both online and offline, and many are affiliated with non-exclusive state licensed modeling agencies.

 Do you have an RSS feed?
Yes we have several RSS feeds that work with over 3 dozen feed viewers. Here are 4 that are updated no less then every 12 hours:

 What exactly is is a community site where industry professionals come to display their work, find talent, network and interact.
 What is BBcode and how do I use it?
BBCode is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board Code, the markup language used to format posts in many message boards. allows BBCode in the forums and email system, as well as in bios and credits for Platinum & Diamond Members. Here are a few examples of how to use BBCode to format your text and images:

[b]…[/b] Makes text bold
[i]…[/i] Makes text italicized
[u]…[/u] Makes text underlined
[s]…[/s] Makes text stikethru
[list]…[/list] Makes a list (Use: [*] on each line to create the bullets)
[center]…[/center] Makes text and images centered
[color=…]…[/color] Makes text colored (Use: #rgb, #rrggbb, or colorname)
[size=…]…[/size] Makes text larger (Use: 1-7)
[quote=…]…[/quote] Quotes a poster
[email]…[/email] Makes an email address clickable
[url]http://…[/url] Makes a link clickable
[url=http://…]…[/url] Creates a clickable word or phrase
[img]…[/img] Inserts an image
[hide]…[/hide] Hides everything. Great for comments or saving BBCode for later
[html]…[/html] Allows html coding (used primarily for videos and flash embedding)


 Why are some member names pink and some blue?
This is just to make it easy to see who is male and who is female at a quick glance.
 How do I send a member a message from my cell phone?
First, make sure your cell number is registered and verified here.

Then simply text a message to where XXXX is the member's PM#.

Example: To send a message to PM #196, just text your message to

 How many messages can I send per day?
You can refer to the Premium Membership Options page by clicking on UPGRADE at the top of the page to find your New Message Creation Limit. This limit varies depending on your membership level. Keep in mind the that this is only the "new message" limit. If you read a message and then click on "reply", the reply does not count against the new message limit.
 I typed a message and when I hit submit I lost my email. Why?
The server automatically logs out members after 20 minutes of inactivity in order to free up server space. (Typing is not seen as activity to the PaidModels server) If your browser supports the feature, an alert should pop up at approximately 18 minutes to let you know that you need to send your email within the next 2 minutes. If you remain on the compose email screen for longer than 20 minutes - you will lose your email when you click submit.

If the alert pops up and you need more time, you can trick the server by opening a new tab or window and clicking on a link in the new tab or window. This will buy you another 20 minutes to compose your email. Note: This only works if you open the new window BEFORE the first 20 minutes expires.

 Why am I not receiving email notifications when I have mail on
There could be several reasons: You may have email from blocked. Our server sends automated notifications. Some systems filter these emails as spam. If you need to add the address to your "allow" list, the notifications are from

See this FAQ for more detailed information and tips. If you are currently logged in, you can click here to receive a 'test email' to ensure you can receive our email.

 Why can't I use an auto-responder?
You can use an auto-responder, just not on the email address that you use as your login for

The reason is simple. Everytime we send you a notification (new member, new email, friend request, newsletters, etc) your auto responder sends us an email. We get enough email...

 How do I turn off that annoying click Internet Exporer makes when the chat room refreshes?
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio devices Click the 'sounds' tab. In the program events window, scroll down to 'Windows Explorer' and in the sub menu, highlight 'Start navigation' Pull down the sounds drop down box, where it currently says 'Start' or 'Windows Start' and choose '(none)' instead. Click 'Apply', then click OK, and close the Control Panel.
 I can't find the chat room...
Since not enough people used it, we removed the link to it. If you would like to chat in realtime with someone, you can just go to:
 How can I remove something I posted in the forums?
You can edit a post for up to 30 minutes. After that a post cannot be edited, or removed. If your post is time sensitive and the time frame has expired, you should submit another post to the same topic stating that it has expired and there is no need to reply to the topic any longer.
 How do I format my posting?
You can use BBCode when you create your post. See the FAQ called What is BBcode and how do I use it? for details.
 How do I receive notifications when someone posts a reply to a topic I am interested in?
Click on Forums at the top of any page. Then click on the name of the forum which contains the topic you are interested in.

Once you are in the forum, you will need to find the topic that you are interested in. Click on the topic to view the original post and the replies (if any exist).

Click on the link that says: "Subscribe to this topic". You will see the link in the top right hand corner of your screen, directly under the Search Box.

NOTE: If you see a "New Topic" button under the Search Box instead of the "Subscribe to this topic" link, then you are still on the topics page. Find the topic that interests you and click on it.

 How do I start a new topic?
Click on Forums at the top of any page. Then click on one of 11 forums listed in the left column.

Once you are in a forum, you will see a "New Topic" button on the top right hand side of the page, just below the search box.

NOTE: If you click on a topic and you are reading the posts for the topics, you will not see the "New Topic" button. Instead, you will see a link that says: "Subscribe to this topic".

 What are the forum rules?
Most forums follow the same simple rules that we call Forum Etiquette

You can read the Forum Etiquette here or look for it in the Welcome Forum. It is the first topic.

 How do I create my own customized banner with one of my photos?
It's easy: Just go to My Account --> Create Custom Banner
 How do I link my banner to my PaidModels profile?
Use the following code for any site (except MySpace):

<a href=""><img src="path_to_your_photo"></a>

-- Replace xxxx in the above example with your PM#
-- Replace path_to_your_photo with the image URL given to you by imageshack or photobucket.

IMPORTANT: When posting on, you must create a short code. Here's how:

  • Go to
  • Type in your link (example:
  • Click on the Pixelize button
  • Copy the new short code and use it in place of the green text below:

    <a href=""><img src="path_to_your_photo"></a>

 How do I contact support?
Please ensure that you have read all of the FAQ's that may pertain to your question or problem. If you cannot find an answer, you can click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any screen to contact Support.
 I have emailed support several times and have not received a response.
Every time you fill out our Contact Us form you should instantly receive a copy of your email to us. If you do not receive this email then you are not receiving our email and will not receive our reply to your support request. We suggest that you try contacting us again, using a different email address - something on a different network, (i.e,,, etc)

You may want to check your Spam / Bulk email folders to see if our email was filtered to that folder. You'll also want to ensure that you allow email from . Earthlink and a few other ISP's have white lists services that require new/unrecognized senders to type in a code the first time they send email to you. We will not type in codes to get on your list; You will be suspended for "bad email address". If you did not receive our email, one of these tips may help you:

  • AOL: Place in your address book.
  • HotMail: Place in your "safe list". You can locate your safe list by clicking on the "Options" link next to the Main Menu tabs.
  • Yahoo!: If our email ends up being filtered into your "bulk" folder, all you have to do is open the email and click on the link next to the "From" field.
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